Everyone loves a parade! A parade is not only fun for spectators and attendees but is also a great way for organizations to make themselves well known. Any organization entered in a holiday or event parade can take advantage of the sizable crowd to gain recognition and support for their cause. Having a custom parade banner made from a good vinyl banner printing company is a great way to get the exposure your for your parade. Here are a few great tips you can use to help design and proudly display your custom banner in a parade.


Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Banner

You can make a great banner out of almost any fabric or material. The most common materials are paper, cloth, and vinyl. How long your banner lasts depends mostly on the weather, how often you use your

custom banner, and how you store it.


Paper Custom Banners

The cheapest banner printing material is paper or photo paper. You can adhere this to cardboard or another kind of hard backing to keep it rigid. However, paper cannot get wet or the ink will run. Also, a banner made of paper does not keep very well in storage compared to other materials. Most of the time, a paper banner is a quick one-time solution as a parade banner.


Using a Cloth Custom Banner

You can also use felt or another heavy-duty cloth material to make a banner. You can reuse a custom banner made from fabric year after year instead of only one time. A cloth custom banner can get wet, but you must thoroughly dry it out before storing it. You must also take care to store it properly to avoid exposure to the elements, especially water. Trapped water can lead to mildew or mold if left too long. A custom banner made from cloth is also tedious and expensive to create. In addition, a cloth custom banner can be very heavy for those who are holding it.


A Vinyl Banner Printing Solution is Best for Parades

The best solution for a re-usable parade banner is a solid vinyl banner printing solution. It is inexpensive and lasts a long time. Cleaning one is a snap, you just need to hose it down with water then wipe any smudges away with a mild soap and sponge. You can create a custom vinyl banner in any color. It is also very easy to store and resists the elements more than cloth or paper.

Adding Extra Visibility to Your Parade Group

Having a custom banner made from a good vinyl banner printing company helps immensely to increase your groups’ visibility. However, there are also quite a few extra features you can include to make your group or organization stand out even more during the parade. Here are a few good extras you can use to give you a little extra added visibility:


  • Don’t forget to coordinate your message! If you are at a Christmas parade, make sure to use green and red to color your custom banner. For July 4, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, take the time to have your vinyl custom banner with a flag or red, white and blue to follow the parade theme.


  • Add custom car magnets to an automobile or truck, and you have a moving “float” for your parade! Add decorations and an extra speaker – don’t forget to wave and smile!


  • Hand out candy or other goodies to onlookers during the parade. You can add your organization’s information to candy, silicone bracelets, printed pens, or other small trinkets. Hand them out as you pass by the crowd. You can also wrap a paper message around small pieces of candy and toss them up into the crowd (toss them lightly to avoid hurting anyone!). Or, give out silicone bracelets or beaded necklaces with your organization’s information. This gives you something with your your name on it for everyone to wear and enjoy, including your participants!


  • You can also hand out business cards or flyers with your business information. You can even add a coupon for your products and services. This allows you to give something that is both memorable and valuable. It also helps you to gauge how many people paid attention to you at the parade.


A Great Custom Banner That’s Sure to Please in a Parade

The opportunity to participate or be a sponsor in a parade can be a big boost to any business or organization, whether there are thousands of visitors there to see it or just your local community. You don’t have to spend big money on a float or major vehicle to showcase your message in a parade. But with a great vinyl banner printing solution from great online banner printing experts like those at Bigger Better Banner, you’re sure to turn heads and make the most of your parade. Have fun!


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