The material from coroplast signs, also known as corrugated plastic, is durable and long lasting. Many business window signs are made from corrugated plastic, due to its durability for the price. However, you can easily paint over the plastic, or add colorful stickers to them (or both). You can cut them into any usable shape, and piece them together to create some amazing things. Many people are surprised at what someone with a few old coroplast signs, some household items a little ingenuity can come up with. With just a little bit of creativity, anyone can use old coroplast signs to improve the functionality and beauty of their home or business. Here are a few great ideas you can try today:

A DIY Drawer Organizer

Take 2 or more yard signs, some contact paper, a measuring tape, and some scissors. Measure your drawer, and cut the signs into strips. Next, add your contact paper. Measure and cut notches in the strips. Finally, fit the strips together, and place in your drawer. This makes a great way to tame even the messiest of drawers!

Make a Nifty Enclosed Bicycle Seat Bag

You too can enjoy a covered storage container that fits behind the seat of your bicycle. All it takes is a few coroplast signs, a pair of scissors and hole punch, and some zip ties. You may need clamps to help you hold everything together as you assemble and tie it together. However, once done and painted, it becomes a sturdy container to hold your things while your hands are busy holding the handlebar.

Turn Your Chloroplast Signs Into Works of Art!

Who said yard signs have to be boring! Spray paint several coroplast signs with different colors. Cut them into various pieces, and arrange them however you would like. You can create intricate geometrical patterns, or arrange them at random. You don’t have to keep the pieces flat either- add a third dimension to your masterpiece! When you are done, you will have created something you can be proud to show to others, and you will have upcycled your yard signs as well.

Make Your Own Yard Art With Coroplast Signs

In a similar fashion, you can also use coroplast signs you no longer need to create your own yard art. Most yard signs come with wires to mount the signs in yards. Simply cut the signs into shapes, and either draw, paint, or glue a picture onto the sign. Then, add them to your yard! This makes a great way to add seasonal décor to your home, without worrying about adding to your seasonal collection!

Create Your Own Drone Camera Mount at a Fraction of the Price

If you’re looking to add a camera to your drone but can’t afford those expensive mounts, why not make one instead? A cut up yard sign, and some glue, and you will have a sturdy and rigid, yet light and flexible place to mount your camera. Why spend all that money for a camera mount when coroplast signs can do the same job at a fraction of the price.

Make Your Own Professional Light Box With Coroplast Signs

Many coroplast signs are white or lightly colored. This makes them perfect for creating a light box for taking perfect product pictures. Simply take 5 coroplast signs, and arrange them into a “box”. Tape them together, and add your lighting. Now you have the perfect place to showcase your products and take that perfect picture, without all the hassle!

Create a Quick and Dirty Storage Box

If you need someplace to store your items but have run out of boxes, you can make one yourself out of coroplast signs. Measure and fold the sign to create the box. You can use a hair dryer to help you soften the plastic to make folding easier. Next, create holes in the plastic, and cut a hole on either end as a handle. Finally, secure the box together using bolts or zip ties in the holes. Fill it with items you frequently use and you can keep them together in a DIY box you can carry anywhere with you.

Full-Color Coroplast Signs From the Banner Printing Experts

As you can see, there are several ways you can repurpose coroplast signs for use around your house and even on the go. Of course, coroplast signs have another use, and that is to send your message to the world, at a convenient price. And at Bigger Better Banner, your one-stop online banner printing solution, your custom full-color coroplast signs are just a click away. So what can you create with your old coroplast signs? Why not get your creative juices flowing and find out!

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